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The squad really out did themselves this time! Coming home with 4 Golds, 8 silvers and 9 Bronze! Placing Worcestershire Karate Squad 5th overall and 3rd in Kata rankings. Unbelievable results, with many who achieved firsts for them!

Will Branchett- X1 Gold, X1 Silver

Niamh Callaghan- X1 Silver

Evie Bowkett- X1 Gold, X1 Silver

Freya Bonham- X2 Bronze

Tabatha Barnett- X1 Gold (Team), X2 Silver

Rosa Rega- X1 Silver, X2 Gold (1 Team)

Florence Findlater- X1 Gold (Team), X1 Silver, X2 Bronze

Fabian Bowkett- X1 Silver

George Shough- X2 Bronze (1 Pairs)

Chris Bonham- X1 Bronze

Angela Maior- X2 Bronze (1 Pairs)

Also well done to Darran Findlater and Alex Maior for their efforts today!

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