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EWSKA 2024

Massive well done to all of you who took part yesterday. Getting on that mat is an achievement in itself, it takes alot of courage and confidence to do what you all did and that the coaching team are proud of each and every one of you.

X14 GOLD  X14 SILVER  X7 BRONZE  (Pairs/Teams count as 1 medal)

Alfie Spooner- Kata Bronze, Juraken Silver

Emilie O'Neill- Kata Gold, Juraken Silver

WIll Branchett- Kata Gold, Juraken Gold, Kumite Bronze

Noah Vennard-Kata Silver, Juraken Silver, Family Gold

Lottie Vennard- Juraken Silver

Siobhan Vennard- Kata Bronze, Family Gold

Sam Gromski-Kata Gold, Pairs Silver, Juraken Silver

Beth Gromski- Kata Silver, Pairs Silver, Juraken Gold

Emily Gromski- Kata Silver, Pairs Gold, Team Gold, Kumite Bronze

Niamh Callaghan- Kata Gold, Pairs Gold, Team Gold

Evie Bowkett- Kata Gold, Team Gold

Izzy Wilson- Family Bronze

Harry Wilson- Kata Bronze, Family Bronze

Stuart Wilson- Family Bronze

Freya Bonham- Kata Bronze, Family Gold

Chris Bonham- Family Gold

Fabian Bowkett-Kata Gold, Pairs Gold, Team Silver

Tabatha Barnett- Kata Silver, Pairs Gold

Freya Avery- Kata Silver, Team Silver

Freya Robson- Team Silver

Maysara- Juraken Gold

Charlie Murphy- Juraken Silver

Max Murphy- Juraken Silver

We also had enter on the day; Molly Branchett- First time performing without the blindfold! Nadia Karczewska- Did an amazing job especially after coming back from Berlin only a few hours before. Florence Findlater- Was unlucky today however her support for the rest of the team was unmatched. Helping to warm up the team and support every student, couldnt have run the squad so well without her! Ben Murphy- Tried his hardest and again was a little unlucky but confident it won't be long until medals start coming in!

I would also personally like to thank Sensei Darran Findlater for all the work he put in yesterday, managing a team of 27 is an incredible effort and extremely hard work. Without Darran being there the team wouldnt have gone at all let alone done so well. We couldn't have done it without you so thank you so much for everything you do.

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