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Pay as you train!

Just as it says you only pay when you attend this may be by cash or bank transfer and is only

£5 a session


Pay for a week worth of classes

Come to multiple sessions a week and get our discount. This may be by cash or bank transfer and is only

£8 a week



Regular attender?

No problem, come to multiple classes a week for a whole month why not get an additional discount. Bank transfer

£30 a month


We believe that Karate should be flexible so we offer a range of way to pay, unlike most schools we do not insist on paying direct debit as we know kids are kids and sometimes you just can't make every session. It also shouldn't be extortionate fees, it should be along the lines of normal gym membership.  Check out our pricing structure below!



Start your

Karate Journey


Once you are ready to become a member of the club then you will need to start thinking about your suit and licence. We offer a Starter Pack which includes everything you need; Club Embroidered Suit, belt, Insurance and grading record book for £40. 

Your Membership/ Licence is renewable annually at a cost of £30 every January. Your licence entitles you to take gradings and is your grading record, go to competitions, be a member of the EKF (English Karate Federation, NGB) and is also your insurance. 


When you are ready for your next belt you will be invited for a grading, a physical examination of everything you have been practising in lessons. Upon passing your grading you will receive a handwritten certificate that has your name written in Japanese and your new belt! 

Each grading gets harder, exam time take longer and for senior grades will have additional examiners and external examiners. For Black belt upon passing you will receive a handwritten certificate, your name embroidered on your new belt which is in its own presentation box. Making this achievement just that much more special.

White Tag    - £20

Red Tag       - £20

Red              - £20

Yellow Tag   - £25

Yellow          - £25

Orange Tag - £25

Orange        - £25

Green Tag   - £30

Green          - £30

Blue Tag      - £30

Blue             - £30

Purple Tag  - £35

Purple         - £35

Brown I       - £40

Brown II      - £50

Brown III     - £60

Black           - £80

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