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If you have any questions in regards to classes, times, venues or anything else you can think of just ask us!


What ages do we start at? 

4! However we do cater for children and families so any age is a good age to start 

Where & When are classes?

Mondays          6-7pm at Nunnery Wood Sports Centre

Tuesdays         7-8pm at Nunnery Wood Sports Centre

Wednesdays   6-7pm at Hanley Castle High School

Fridays            6-7pm at Hanley Castle High School

Saturdays      10-11am at Nunnery Wood Sports Centre

Which class would suit us best?

Any that you can attend! All classes are suitable for beginners and those that may have done some martial arts before. They are all family and child friendly so sessions are conducted in a fun way to make it enjoyable for all.

What should be bring and what to wear?

Come along in something easy to move in and get ready to be active! So bring a drink. First session is free.

How do we pay?

We have a variety of options, go to our pricing page to find out more!

Are classes suitable for someone with Autism, ADHD or Dyspraxia? 

Karate has proven to be very beneficial for children with neurodiversity or those with co-ordination difficulties through its structured approach and progression. Karate is a martial art, therefore some of the things we do may not suit everyone. Such as loud shouts in certain places- we try our best to let someone know that its coming up so they can be more prepared for them. Before thinking about joining the club we always suggest to all parents that you come along to 4-5 lessons to make sure that our classes are suitable for both parties (the child and the club) to decide if karate is right for them. We may suggest that a parent should join with them for additional support. 

Nunnery Wood Sports Centre, WR5 2NL

Hanley Castle High School, WR8 0BL

07475 765 153

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