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Luck of the Irish!

An Action packed event, with lots of unexpected twists and turns! Noah and the coaches couldn't make it due to storm Kathleen- Flights being cancelled. Freya Robson and other seniors members stepping up to look after the squad with the best support from the parents we have ever seen. This squad has been the most supportive, incredible team we have ever had and we couldn't be anymore proud!


Emilie O'Neill- 6-9yrs F- GOLD 5-7yrs Kumite BRONZE

Beth Gromski- 6-9yrs F- BRONZE

Will Branchett 8-9yrs M- SILVER 8-9yrs 30kg+ GOLD

Molly Branchett- Inclusive- GOLD14-17yrs F- BRONZE

Emily Gromski- 10-13 yrs F GOLD Team Kata- SILVER 12-13yrs 40kg+ BRONZE

Niamh Callaghan- 10-13yrs F SILVER Team Kata- SILVER

Evie Bowkett- 14-17yrs F- GOLD Team Kata- SILVER

Fabian Bowkett- 14-17yrs M- GOLD Team Kata- GOLD 18+ M- BRONZE

Freya Avery- GOLD- Team Kata

Freya Robson- GOLD Team Kata

Also incredible performaces from Sam and Alfie who were very close to winning medals too. Cracking result.

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