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Firstly, we would like to congratulate all the Worcester students who took part in our competition yesterday. We are exceedingly proud of you all especially as for the majority it was your first time competing. Whether you won or medal or not, the fact you got up onto that mat and did the best you could is all we could ever ask for. It takes a lot of nerve to do that and you did, so well done to all of you. The Worcester team came home with 5 Golds, 13 Silver and 18 Bronze! and amazing haul and now you know exactly how competitions go and its only onward and upward in your future competition success.

Secondly, we would like to deeply thank everyone who supported us; the parents of students, students who helped others, table hands, judges and organisers as well as the huge support from the other clubs that joined us to make the competition so much fun! with 379 entries it certainly kept us busy!

So many wonderful comments has certainly made it all worth while and we will be holding another one next year and hope you will all join us again. Thank you all!!

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