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Worcestershire Karate Squad took a team of 19 students to this years EWKSA Competition in Staffordshire and managed to set a new record amount of wins for the club in its 8 year history!


x17 Gold Medals

x6 Silver Medals

x3 Bronze Medals

Tied for first place on competitor of the day goes to Noah Vennard & Beth Gromski winning 3 Gold medals each, winning every category they entered!

Rosa Rega- X2 Gold, X1 Silver

Emilie O'Neill- X2 Gold, X1 Bronze

Sam Gromski- X1 Gold, X1 Silver, X1 Bronze

Tabs Barnett & Fabian Bowkett- X2 Gold each

Alfie Spooner- X1 Gold, X1 Silver

Emily Gromski & Freya Bonham- X 2 Silver

Lottie Vennard & Niamh Callaghan- X1 Gold

Niamh Casey, Harry Wilson & Chris Bonham- X 1 Silver

Stuart Wilson- X1 Bronze

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