Candidates eligible must

  • Be 14 yrs of age

  • Been to a minimum of 5 Competitions

A Team Leaders roles and responsibilities are as follows;

  • Assist 3 younger members of the squad at a competition this will involve;

  • Ensuring they get onto the correct mat on time for their category

  • Assisting with tying their belts if required

  • Filming their Kata/ Kumite

  • Liaising with their managers (Junior Coach) or senior members of staff (Senior Coach)



An Assistant Coaches roles and responsibilities are as follows;

  • Ensure respectful behavior from younger members at the Dojo and competitions

  • Assist Team Leaders in their roles, this will involve;

  • Taking note of squad members results and flags for each round

  • Have information on rules of the competition and ensuring that everyone understands them

  • Guide and assist where needed all responsibilities of a Team Leader

  • Liaise with senior members of staff (Coaches)

  • Assist coaching alongside coaches at sessions

  • Be able to take White-Orange Tag classes without supervision

Candidates eligible must

  • Be 16 yrs of age

  • Minimum grade of 4th Kyu

  • Pass the Junior Coach Test



A Coaches roles and responsibilities are as follows;

  • Assist to train the Team Leaders in their roles & responisbilities

  • Taking over the Team Leader and Junior coaches roles & responsibilities while they are competing

  • To run classes when Instructors are not available

  • Able to take Orange-Blue without supervision

  • Liaise with Instructors

Candidates eligible must

  • Be 18 yrs of age

  • Been to an assistant Coach for 2 years

  • Minimum grade of 1st Dan

  • Passed the Senior Coach Tests

  • DBS Checked



An Instructor roles and responsibilities are as follows;

  • Would be eligible to open their own branch of WadoKai Worcester this would involve;

  • Having one or more evening classes per week

  • They are solely responsible for the hall hire payments

  • Keep attendance records and accounts

  • To keep Katrina or David informed of any problems

  • Ensure that cover is available when required

(Gradings & licencing will still be dealt by head office at WadoKai Worcester)

  • Assist Coaches with their roles & responsibilities

  • Be able to coach intermediate and senior classes unsupervised (Green-Black)

  • Become part of the Dan grading panel

Candidates eligible must

  • Be 21 yrs of age

  • Minimum grade of 3rd Dan

  • Passed the Instructor Coach Tests

  • DBS Checked

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