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Giving everyone the opportunity to reach their potential


WadoKai Worcester is a multi award winning club that has been established since 2015 in conjunction with The Princes Trust. 

Winning awards such as 2017 Club of the Year and several Worcester sports personalities. 

WadoKai Worcester provides a safe and friendly environment to train in, specialising in the FUNdamentals of WadoKai Karate training as children learn best when enjoying themselves.


Our aim is to give every child the opportunity to reach their potential! 


This is something that we are able to achieve with the amazing dedicated team of staff we have who have trained many students from beginners to full internationals and our chief instructor is a World WadoKai Kata Champion!

Here at WadoKai Worcester we specalise in teaching children and families. Our classes are designed to be inclusive for all ages and abilities making it a great family activity. You can start your karate journey at any time whether you're 4 or 50! 

Our coaches are constantly updating their training and coaching through internal and external courses and exams making them highly qualified and up to date on all aspects, including being Covid safe!


Our specialist teaching has allowed 6 students of WadoKai Worcester to be currently selected to represent England with the England WadoKai Karate Squad.

のメリット 空手


Karate is a Japanese martial art meaning kara - empty, te - hand.

The style of karate we teach is Wado. Wado was founded by Hironori Ohtsuka in 1934. 

WadoKai Worcester is a very unique club that not only competes at competitions but also teaches traditional Wado karate. 

Recent studies have shown that karate enables people not to just defend themselves but develops life skills such as; Focus, Teamwork, Control, Balance, Discipline, co-ordination, Respect, Achievement, Memory, Fitness,  Self Confidence and more

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My son Sam has been going to the club for 5 years now. fabulous coaching, very friendly people who have given Sam so many wonderful competitive opportunities from local competitions to international. it's an absolute joy to be part of such a wonderful club.


Mollov Family

My whole family (2 kids + mum and dad) have been attending Karate classes at WadoKai Worcester since 2015. We've been so lucky to be able to learn from Sensei Katrina and Sensei David who have a wealth of world-class karate experience and very relaxed and child friendly approach.

Karate is one of the things we do as a family and benefits are two-fold - kids enjoy learning with their parents and parents get a bit of exercise.

I’m not sure my childhood dream to achieve a black belt will come true one day, but it’s never too late to start.

Nunnery Wood High

I'd recommend Katrina's Karate sessions to every school! She took 4 classes throughout the morning for varying ages. They introduce the basic skills of karate in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The students got so much out of the lessons and had such a fantastic time!!

We'll definitely be booking Katrina in the future.



Excellent club, with friendly, caring and professional teaching. My daughter has been going for over two years and has grown her skills, confidence and friendships. Thank you for being such a wonderful club!


I wish their teachers could have seen it as I am sure that they would have been stunned.  Students working independently, cooperating, negotiating,  supporting..... the list of skills is endless and is more than most believe is capable in kids under 8.  You are giving them so much more than karate.

The opportunities you are providing them all is brilliant and I really do hope that just a few of the parents realise what an experience their children are getting.

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