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Sempai Chris Bonham

Team Leader

4th KYU

I first started karate with WadoKai Worcester in 2019, along with my daughter. We had both done some Karate before but I was blown away by the extremely high standard of training provided by Sensei Katrina and Sensei David. From that point on, I decided to train with WadoKai Worcester and my goal is to reach a level of karate which would mean I could walk into any Dojo in the world and perform a respectable standard of Karate, not to be the greatest but respectable amongst my peers.

My greatest moment came at a competition in early 2023, when two other competitors I didn’t know came over to me and said “we thought we had a chance, but no luck no that you’re here”.

They had remembered me from the year before. I HAVE A REPUTATION!! 


My Story

Sempai Chris began his karate journey with WadoKai Worcester in March 2019 along with his daughter Freya, Chris from day one has hardly ever missed a lesson making him one of WadoKai Worcester's most loyal and dedicated students. Training 6 hours a week and attending the county team sessions you will no doubt meet Chris during your own karate journey! 

Chris's commitment and dedication has been rewarded, getting him selected into the county team and winning plenty of medals along the way: North East open Bronze Medalist, EWSKA silver Medalist, Central England International Bronze Medalist

Sempai Chris has been awarded the position of Team Leader with WadoKai Worcester where he helps teach every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning at Nunnery Wood Sports Centre



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