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Sempai Florence Findlater

Team Leader

1st DAN

"I started karate at an after school club at Kings St Albans with WadoKai Worcester. It stood out from the others as something different and exciting. I decided to go along and see if I enjoyed it, which I did so much so that I started joining the main Saturday classes, and I’ve never looked back! When my dad started, that gave me an extra incentive to continue and earn belts alongside him, and I have made many friends doing karate. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it. In the future, I’d love to get a black belt, and to compete in a competition abroad, or any international competition, because it would be an amazing experience. I’d also like to become more confident with coaching and build up to taking a class of my own one day.


My Story

Sempai Florence started training with Sensei Katrina and David soon after the club was established in 2015 at an after school club activity and decided that she wanted to come along to our main club classes so she could progress.


Soon after she started it was clear that Sempai Florence had plenty of talent for karate and started coming to multiple classes a week which has let to her progressing through the grades quickly for someone of her age. It didn't take long for her to become interested in competitions and from there she has gone on to becoming a 3 time England WadoKai National Champion, the Staffordshire International Champion, EWSKA Champion, bronze medalist at the Bristol WadoKai Championships and Gold at the North East Open Championships

Of course Florence didn't let lockdown stop her either! She trained from home through online classes and went to compete at the Worcester Vs Chase Virtual Championships where she won several events making her 2021 Lockdown competitor! 

Sempai Florence has been awarded a position of Team Leader with WadoKai Worcester as she assist with teaching every Saturday morning and helps younger members at competitions. 

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