The WadoKubs programme is for children ages 4-6 yrs, designed by World WadoKai Kata Champion Katrina Wilson.


This activity based class helps young students to keep interest and rewards are given more often to motivate them such as Stickers and grading's. WadoKubs is like a karate reception class in a way.

Classes are more focused on developing the manners, respect, self- control, and understanding needed to become a Martial Artist. Students learn and improve balance, strength, flexibility, teamwork, respect, Dojo manners and basic Martial Art techniques.

The curriculum is based on the WadoKai Worcester full grading syllabus which means when they are ready to integrate into the Junior class they stay the same grade, WadoKubs learn at their own pace through a sticker reward system!

These classes are also part of the Children's University

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