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Sempai Evie Bowkett

Team Leader

3rd KYU

When I started Karate at WadoKai Worcester my aim was the learn how to defend myself, but I quickly found out there was a lot more to karate than I first imagined. So much to learn and so much to remember. It was harder than I expected but now its the highlight of my week, I have made so many friends at the club along with having opportunities I never thought possible, before WadoKai Worcester I had never been abroad but in 2023 I flew to Germany to represent the county and won! 

I don't yet know what the future holds for me but I'm going to enjoy whatever comes next!


My Story

Sempai Evie started her karate journey with WadoKai Worcester in January 2023, she came to Wadokai Worcester so that she could have the competition opportunities. Not only is Evie now part of the county Squad and competing regularly but also expressed her passion for teaching the next generation. Evie's fun, bubbly approach makes her a great asset to the team. 

Evie found the competition circuit tough at first, but, she battled through the nerves. She also showed great perseverance after a couple of loses at the start, she came back to win her first Gold medal at The North East Open championships in August 2023, since then, Evie has gone on to win several medals at an array of competitions. Evie is also one of the most supportive members of the squad, helping other students feel at ease when the nerves kick in, Evie truly is a wonderful friend to all!

Sempai Evie is training under the position as Team Leader with WadoKai Worcester as she has demonstrated that not only is she a talented athlete but also a talented coach, helping take classes on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!



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