At WadoKai Worcester we have a structured system which teaches karate in sections. When a student is ready they will take a grading. A test of everything they have learned, performing in front of an examiner.

This helps children overcome nerves that they will soon experience with school exams. Upon passing a grading they will recieve a hand written certificate of completion, a new belt representing their grade and a new syllabus to learn. Ready to start again!


Their are 12 gradings to reach a Black belt so they get a real sense of achievement through out their karate journey.

At WadoKai Worcester we believe that family and support are the most important things to any childs development because of this we encourage any parents that wish to join in to do so, this really is a sport that is suitable for everyone and can cater to any needs such as weightloss, flexibility, fitness, social, family bonding and so much more!




At WadoKai Worcester we improve Co-ordination by nuturing natural body movement, karate is a very unqiue sport that requires full control of your core and your limbs. Our system requires students to do several things at once such as stepping through and punching, may sound easy, but not as simple as you think!


Studies have shown that karate students have more awareness of their body and how to control it. This process leads to improvement in co-ordination which leads to having more confidence in themselves.