At WadoKai Worcester we promote friendship and teamwork, which creates positive memories for children, also with our structured system children gradually learn new things but with repetition also keep hold of the basic things they learn on their very first day increasing their memory capacity.


In the same way that karate helps Focus the same system improves memory. Karate improves mental health as it reduces mental stress, after doing a fun filled session they will exhaust themselves to the point that their entire body is relaxed promoting a stress-free mind which improves memory and its capacity. 


At WadoKai Worcester we can help improve your childs attention span and center their focus, we do this by teaching them traditional karate with a fun and structured approach.


Ok, now for the science...


Karate training can turn on a child's attention system, which can affect the parts of the brain responsible for sequencing, prioritizing, working memory and sustaining attention.


Studies show that karate does this by increasing the brain's dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. These brain chemicals can positively affect the attention system's ability to stay regular and consistent, which can increase alertness in children.

At WadoKai Worcester we can have a massive impact on a child's self confidence. We have a 'Can Do' attitude to every task, and give each child the attention they need to complete that task which nutures their confidence. 


Karate instills confidence by teaching each of us our limitations and overcoming our fears. This improves our image of ourselves by placing you in control of your body for the first time in your life. This confidence spills into every aspect of your life, making you a stronger, better person. The confidence karate instills is humble and hard won, it is free of ego. This is the secret of true confidence, knowing without having to say it.